Shoppers Come to Blows at Kentucky Mall as the Black Friday Brawls Begin

Video footage shows shoppers crapping at a Kentucky mall on Thanksgiving night before being broken up by law enforcement.

Black Friday shoppers came to blows at a Kentucky mall on Thanksgiving night in a melee that knocked one bystander to the ground before being broken up by law enforcement.

Two unidentified men punched and slapped each other in a packed food court as a crowd of shoppers at Mall St. Matthews in Louisville gathered to watch, a video captured by another shopper showed.

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Their throwdown apparently took out one woman who was standing near by as the men forcefully knocked into the uninvolved shopper when they wrestled each other to the ground.

Another video of the incident showed many shoppers running to get away from the brawl.


November 27, 2015

A police officer apparently pulled the men apart and broke up the fight, bringing the chaos to an end. One of the men involved was led out of the food court by his friends as he swept up a shopping bag that had been thrown aside during the scuffle.

It was not immediately clear what caused the fight or if anyone involved would face criminal charges.

Huge ass fight at st. Matthews mall. ?

November 27, 2015

Another video captured an adult shopper tearing a vegetable steamer from a small child's grip during shopping madness.

The madness began after a stream of shoppers plowed down a pile of the discounted appliance, sending the boxes flying across the store's floor.

As the tot tried to walk away with a box, a woman snatched the apparently in-demand steamer from the kid's hands, the appalling footage uploaded to YouTube on Friday showed.

Another woman who appeared to be the child's mother tried to wrestle back the steamer as she held two other boxes of the same appliance.

"Get off of me! Why are you being so oppressive? You're scaring me!" the would-be thief yelled.

But viewers doubted the video's authenticity, saying the woman's actions were too appalling to be true.

"100% was staged," one person commented.

"Is … is this staged? People actually dive like that? What did I just watch?" another wrote.

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The chaos came a day before what is typically considered the biggest shopping event in the United States, Black Friday.

Many big chains including Macy's, J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart and Target opened their doors on Thanksgiving to accommodate shoppers who wanted to get a jump on the deals.

The National Retail Federation estimates about 135.8 million consumers will be shopping during the four-day weekend, compared with 133.7 million last year, the Associated Press wrote. The Federation predicted sales in November and December to be $630.5 billion, a 3.7 percent increase compared to the same time period in 2014.

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