An Amazing Transformation: From Bumfights to Businessman

He once lived on the streets and was exploited in the infamous Bumfights videos, but now Rufus Hannah is the picture of success. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Bumfights was one of the most disturbing videos ever. One of the unwitting stars was a toothless man known as "Rufus the Stunt Bum."

Rufus would do anything for a beer, including running headfirst into milk crates and into metal signs. He even got his knuckles tattooed with the word "bumfight."
The videos caused national outrage after the young producers behind the tapes became rich, selling hundreds of thousands of copies.

But what became of Rufus? The last time anyone saw the wild-eyed Vietnam vet he was diving into a Dumpster, scrounging for his next meal.

But Rufus has gone through an amazing transformation. He has a job, and he looks positively dapper in his suit as he gets ready for work.

So how did Rufus go from bum to businessman?
Rufus was living on the streets of San Diego when real estate mogul Barry Soper found him rummaging through a Dumpster at an apartment complex he owned.

Barry got Rufus sobered up, took him to the dentist for new teeth, and bought him a suit and tie. He then hired him to help manage one of his buildings.

"I found him in my Dumpster, now he's my assistant manager. What could be better than that?" asks Soper.

But Rufus is reminded of Bumfights every day, because the tattoos are still on his hands.

He gets emotional as he views the Bumfights videos, he says for the first time.

"It hurts to watch these videos," he says, and chokes up.
But it's Rufus who's getting the last laugh. He recently got married and he's co-written a book about his life called A Bum Deal.

Now Rufus holds his head high; he is no longer the same man who did stunts for a drink.