Quick-Thinking Man Saves Runaway SUV as His Christmas Tree Falls to the Ground

One dad faced a tough choice after his Christmas tree fell in his driveway and his SUV began rolling to the street.

When one family got home from finding the perfect Christmas tree, the patriarch had to make a choice only he could undertake – save the tree that just fell over or the car he forgot to put in park.

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Kevin Tacher unloaded the tree from his car and as it stood in his driveway it fell over.

Other family members rushed to lift the tree, but Kevin, who was in his SUV, leapt to save it and forgot to put his car in park.

He chased after the SUV and saved it as it rolled into the street.

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Luckily, no one was injured and everything was salvaged in the incident that occured days after Thanksgiving and was caught on his home surveillance.

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