Officer Photographed Helping Young Boy Tie His Shoe

An Indiana cop was photographed helping a young boy tie his shoe.

A picture of an Indiana police officer helping a young boy tie his shoe has gone viral after it was posted to Facebook. 

Today a fwpd officer was driving around. He rolled down his window and talked to a few kids and noticed one had a shoe...

Posted by Melissa F. Caballero on Thursday, November 26, 2015

The caption for the image, posted by Melissa F. Caballero, said that the Fort Wayne cop, who was later identified as Ricky Howard, was talking to a few kids from his car when he noticed that one of boy’s shoe was untied.

He got out of his vehicle and tied the boy's shoe.

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Caballero wrote: “Thank you officer for showing our youth that cops aren't always the bad guys they are made out to be!”

One of the comments on Caballero’s page was: “Yesterday on our way to your house, we saw a police officer playing basketball with a little boy on the court in your complex! Idk if it's the same one, or if the boy was the officers son, but we thought it was cool!”

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Another was: “That is wonderful.”

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