Quick-Thinking Teen Foils Her Kidnapper: Cops

A 17-year-old in Tennessee took a ride from a stranger before quickly realizing something wasn't right, cops say.

A Tennessee teen is safe and sound thanks to her own quick thinking after cops say she was nearly kidnapped by a man who offered her a ride home.

The girl, who is 17, was walking home from work when she was offered a ride by a man who police have identified as 29-year-old Jeremy Woodard.

According to an arrest affidavit, police say the girl repeatedly asked to be let out of Woodard's truck after he allegedly drove in the wrong direction from her home.

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The girl also told police that Woodard's passenger side door had no handle, so she couldn't jump out.

Police say Woodard stopped the vehicle at a park and started fondling the girl, KIRO reports.

The girl said she was able to distract Woodard and nearly got away before he allegedly pulled her back into the car as he smacked her and threatened to kill her.

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When Woodard began to drive again, authorities say a police cruiser happened to be driving towards them when the girl's survival instincts again kicked in. She grabbed the wheel and got the officer's attention by swerving toward the police car.

The girl was reportedly then able to get out and run to the officer.

Woodard was arrested and online records show he was charged with aggravated battery, sexual battery and solicitation of a minor and is being held on $100,000 bond.

It was unclear if Woodard had an attorney. His first day in court is listed as Dec. 7.

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