Things Get Steamy on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars turned up the steam last night as the contestants were bringing sexy back. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Bristol Palin turned on the sexy for her most provocative dance yet on Dancing with the Stars, and it was all in front of her family.

Bristol's rumba was saucy from the start to the finish and she showed a lot, and we mean a lot of leg!

It was latin night and things got hot. Bristol embraced her partner Mark Ballas and then tore off his shirt. And the big finish had her wrapping her leg around his body! All just steps away from mom Sarah, dad Todd, and kid sister Piper.

Bristol said, "I knew I had to be sexy for a minute and forty seconds and it's over with and I'm excited we did it."

Backstage she told us seeing her family in the audience actually calmed her nerves, saying, "It was comforting to look over and see them and I'm excited that my dad was able to make the show."

After the show, Sarah tweeted:

Todd and I enjjoying some sweet diversion popping into Dancing With the Stars! Really, it's a new ballgame for us, we can see why 22 million tune in :)

76 -year-old Florence Henderson also showed lots of leg, in front of her TV son Chris Knight, aka Peter Brady.

Henderson said, "Well you know we're bringing sexy back."

But the dancer who scored the most during latin night was Jennifer Grey, who did an amazing tango and got the first 10's of the season.