'Star Wars' Fans Use Duct Tape and Cardboard to Create Low-Budget Movie Trailer

The friends told INSIDE EDITION that props for their now-viral video came from the Dollar Store.

Two California men have created a low budget Star Wars tribute video that has taken the internet by storm.

Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez decided to recreate the trailer for the newest installment in the franchise, The Force Awakenswhich opens next week.

“We watched the trailer as fans of the movie, but then we immediately started thinking ‘How we can recreate this?’” Harley told INSIDE EDITION

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He added: “We watched the trailer, we went and bought our tickets for the movie, and then we came back home and started working on it immediately.”

Instead of the awesome special effects used in the new film, their version uses cardboard on a stick.

“We stockpile cardboard and duct tape and that's mostly where our budget goes to,” Roque said.

Harley said they took “a couple trips to the dollar store” to get their supplies.

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Kia Vassiliades, who takes on the star's role for the The Force Awakens trailer, Daisy Ridley, said making the “sweded” trailer has “been a lot of fun.”

Brandon Jackson plays actor John Boyega’s character, Finn. He said making the low budget version has “been terrifying.”

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