Actress Left With 'Zombie Breasts' After Surgery Goes Wrong

Surgeons agreed to help rebuild Heather Parkhurst's breasts after an infection ate them from the inside out.

A woman who once referred to her chest as "zombie breasts" has undergone surgery to repair them.

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Heather Parkhurst, a model and actress known for roles in 90s TV shows including Wings, said she used to think her chest looked like something from The Walking Dead.

She told INSIDE EDITION: “I referred to my breasts as zombie breasts.”

In 2001 she underwent breast implant surgery that went bad and left her with an infection that ate away her breasts from the inside out.

She said there was “discoloration” across her skin and her breasts were “shriveled.”

"They were horrific," she said.

Desperate for help, Heather turned to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif from E!’s Botched.

The doctors removed the "zombie" scar tissue and gave her new implants.

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The bandages came off just three days after surgery and, two weeks later, she revealed her new figure to friends for the first time.

Heather told IE she feels like her sexy self again - and no longer like someone from The Walking Dead.

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