Timothy Madden Indicted on Murder and Rape Charges in Killing of 7-Year-Old Girl

Timothy Madden was formally indicted on rape and murder charges for the killing of a 7-year-old girl at a local football game.

Timothy Madden has been indicted on rape and murder charges in the case of a seven-year-old girl who disappeared from her brother's football game and whose crumpled body was found 25 minutes later in a Kentucky wood.

Gabbi Doolin, who was a pint-sized cheerleader, had gone to the game with her parents to watch her older brother's match last month. When her mother told game officials that little Gabbi was nowhere to be found, the competition was called off so spectators could search for the child.

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Madden, a father of five who said he went to school with Gabbi's father, pleaded not guilty at his November 23 arraignment and was scheduled for a preliminary hearing on November 30.

But his attorneys asked for a delay because they received DNA evidence not long before the proceedings were to begin, according to WHAS-TV.

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The indictment means the state's evidence against Madden won't be heard publicly until the trial begins.  

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