Teen Couple is Found Dead in a Garage With Car Running But Police Believe it Wasn't Suicide

Police in Florida said a 17-year-old and his 14-year-old girlfriend died overnight in a St. Petersburg garage.

A teen couple in Florida were discovered dead Monday morning in a garage inside a running car.

St Petersburg police said the unnamed 17-year-old and his 14-year-old girlfriend were found inside his Mitsubishi SUV.

Despite the circumstances around the tragic deaths, police do not believe it was a case of lovers' suicide.

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Compounding the tragedy, the couple was found by the boy's mother. According to St. Pete police, the couple were in an attached garage.

The mother told police her son had left the house around 3 p.m. on Sunday to pick up his girlfriend.

The mother called the 17-year-old's cell phone that evening without success and reported them missing to the police at about 11:00 p.m., according to the police statement.

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Police made no suggestions about how the tragedy could have happened.

They said only that "preliminary indications are that the two victims had decided to sit in the car sometime last night, leaving the car running with the garage door closed."

Both were unresponsive and fire rescue responded, pronouncing both victims dead at the scene.

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