Motorist is Attacked and Robbed Inside His Own Car After Accident

Police are asking for help finding a suspect caught on a dash camera attacking and robbing a motorist who'd just been in an auto accident.

Police in Philadelphia are asking for help finding a suspect who attacked and robbed a motorist who'd just been in an auto accident.

The December 4 attack occurred in the Upper Kensington neighborhood after the unnamed 25-year-old victim sat in his car following his accident, Philly police said in a release.

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In startling footage taken with the victim's dashcam, the assailant appears to approach the car and punch the driver in the face.

The suspect then repeatedly strikes the driver as he steals his iPhone and iPad.

When the victim manages to scramble out of the car, his assailant tumbles out with him and appears to land more blows before fleeing.

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Throughout the incident, several people appear in the video to stand around the vehicle watching the attack.

The victim was transported to Temple Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The suspect is described as a black male around 30 years old with a beard. Anyone who spots the suspect is advised not to approach him.

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