Jeb Bush Offers Tips On How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Jeb Bush is running for president and discussed one of the most important topics on the campaign trail -- how to take a selfie.

Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants voters to know that he supports the right to take a selfie with him.

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At a campaign stop in Florida the former governor said: “The selfie is now the 11th amendment of the bill of rights. It's inspired by our framers and founders; apparently it is a requirement that you take one.”

He posted his lesson on Facebook and wrote: "I give a master class on selfies in the latest ‪#‎JebNoFilter‬."


I give a master class on selfies in the latest #JebNoFilter:

Posted by Jeb Bush on Monday, December 28, 2015

While speaking, he also took some time to offer his professional tips on how to take the perfect selfie, an art that he claims he has perfected over the past six months on the campaign trail.

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“Just for the record, young people do it better than older people," he said. "We'll go through a little training class here, its cooler to do diagonally rather than straight up, and it’s better to do it higher than lower because you look skinnier.”

Keep those tips in mind the next time you take a selfie and thank Jeb Bush for the advice.

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