The Man With the Bionic Penis Is Going to Lose His Virginity at Age 43

The man with the bionic penis, at age 43, will finally get to have sex, he says.

 A man whose penis was ripped off when he was a boy will be having sex for the first time – at age 43 – thanks to his new bionic manhood.

Mohammed Abad, of Edinburgh, is going to lose his virginity in the next few days courtesy of a sex worker who is donating her services.

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Charlotte Rose, 35, says she is happy to pleasure Abad at no cost, she told Britain’s The Sun.

And Abad says he is very happy, too.

“My penis is working perfectly now, so I just want to do it. I’m really excited. I can’t wait for it to finally happen,” he said.

Abad’s first surgery to attach an eight-inch penis occurred in 2012. The organ has been fully functional for the past few months.

It has two tubes that inflate when Abad pushes a button attached to a testicle. The device is covered in skin taken from Abad’s arm.

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He and Rose will have dinner before their “two hours of private time,” Rose said.

“I am so honored that he chose me to take his virginity,” she said.

Abad lost his penis when he was dragged by a car in a childhood accident. 

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