Coco Austin Reveals How She Got Her Abs Back a Week After Giving Birth

The 36-year-old shocked her followers when she revealed her post-baby body.

The wife of actor Ice-T says she got her incredibly flat abs back just one week after giving birth.

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Coco Austin faced a firestorm of criticism after posting a side-by-side photo of her body at nine months pregnant and her post-baby slimdown.

Coco told INSIDE EDITION: “If I was looking at pictures of myself, I would be second-guessing that person too.”

Internet trolls sniped at her, saying: “She did not have that baby it's all a lieeeeeeeee."

Others wrote: "Tummy tuck" and "she has a plastic surgeon on speed dial.”

But the 36-year-old only gained 13 pounds during her pregnancy. Little Chanel Nicole was born at five pounds, seven ounces.

“I thought I was going to blow up like a whale,” she said.

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On average expectant moms put on between 25 to 30 pounds. Ice-T says she ate well all throughout her pregnancy: “She started eating a lot of fruit.”

So how did Coco bounce back in just a week? The new mom was in great shape with rock hard abs before getting pregnant making it a whole lot easier to get back to her pre baby body.

“It has been the most wonderful experience ever,” she said.

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