Zoo Names A Newborn Penguin After David Bowie

The Cincinnati Zoo honored David Bowie by naming a newborn penguin after him.

Just days before David Bowie passed away, a newborn penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo was given his name.

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"Bowie" the blue penguin was born on Friday, two days before the "Ziggy Stardust" singer died from cancer on Sunday, aged 69.

The penguin was given the name because he was born on January 8, David Bowie's birthday.

January 8 is also Elvis Presley's birthday but since the zoo already had a king penguin named Elvis, the chick took the name Bowie instead, the zoo explained on its Facebook page.

January 8 was also the release of what would be David’s final album, Black Star.

Bowie the penguin weighed less than two ounces and joins a flock of 32 other penguins at the zoo, which is the largest colony of the species in North America. Blue penguins are native to Australia.

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According to the New York Daily News, a penguin keeper played the music of David Bowie for the chick.

The gender is still unknown.

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