Check Out These Happy Bears Running Towards a Food Truck

These former show bears chained and forced into dancing are now living free from fear and pain. New video shows them happily running towards a food truck.

A stampede of happy bears chased a food delivery truck in India this week after being freed from confinement.

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The sloth bears were freed after being beaten, mutilated and forced to dance as part of a tourist attraction, according to International Animal Rescue

Nine bears who were rescued by the non-profit were captured on video chasing a food truck and looked thrilled to be enjoying their new life unchained. 

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While the practice became illegal more than four decades ago, the cruelty continued, according to International Animal Rescue. Many of the bears were poached from jungles and muzzled.

To fight back, the organization formed bear sanctuaries, which provide safe havens for bears to live free from fear and pain.

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While it’s unclear what food was on the truck driving down the road, they sure seem to be having a ‘bear-y’ good time.

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