Daycare Worker in 'Baby Fight Club' Case Convicted of Child Abuse

A former daycare worker in Virginia was convicted Wednesday on multiple child abuse charges.

A former Virginia daycare worker accused of running what prosecutors called a "baby fight club" has been convicted on multiple child abuse charges.

Sarah Jordan faces up to 41 years in prison when she's sentenced in May for crimes she committed in 2013 while employed at  Minnieland Academy Day Care in Woodbridge.

Over an 8-month period, Jordan was accused of forcing mostly 1- and 2-year-olds to fight and also torturing them by spraying water hoses full-force into their faces.

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Social Services reported Jordan and her fellow employee Kierra Spriggs forced children to eat flaming hot Cheetos, among other allegations.

Jordan was convicted Wednesday following a 3-day bench trial in Prince William County, KLFY reports.

The charges included 13 felony and misdemeanor counts, including child cruelty and assault and battery. 

Jordan was found not guilty on four counts and over 20 counts were dismissed by the judge.

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While testifying in her own defense, Jordan denied the charges and claimed they stemmed from a workplace dispute. She told the judge she sometimes lightly sprayed the kids with the hose, but only because the spray attachment was broken and never to purposely hurt them.

Some of the children's parents, such as Blake Buckner, are considering filing suit against the school.

"It was hard to hold back tears, emotional, it was very deep,” Buckner told KLFY. “She knows what she did. Justice has prevailed.”

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