This Couple Used 'Uptown Funk' to Share Their Pregnancy Announcement

Steffaney and Austin Bass announced their happy news by changing all the lyrics to the song.

A Florida couple who overcame great adversity to fall pregnant with their first child are sharing the joyous news in their own version of Mark Ronson’s hit song “Uptown Funk.

Steffaney and Austin Bass made the announcement by changing all the lyrics to the song, which they then performed in a video posted to Facebook.

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The couple is expecting their first child after battling health issues through the years.

When Austin was 10, he was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and has undergone 19 brain surgeries. The condition means his brain tissue extends into his spinal canal, which can cause muscle weakness and numbness. He also has an arachnoid cyst on his brain, which he has a shunt in place for.

Steffaney was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and, at first, doctors told them they may not be able to conceive. But after going to a fertility doctor, they found out they were pregnant.

“We have decided to use this opportunity as a chance to share our story and the works of God so that others might have hope,” Steffaney told INSIDE EDITION.

“Some people may think the timing of our pregnancy might not be ideal, given where Austin is health wise, but we know that it is all part of God’s plan for us and we could not be more thrilled!”

She said she believes Austin’s positivity helped.

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“He is still the most positive person I have ever met and the strongest,” she said.

They're now sharing their story to give hope to other couples who want children.

“We made our video as a fun way to share that we were pregnant, we never expected it would get this much attention,” she said.

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