Trump Might Skip Fox's GOP Debate This Week Because Megyn Kelly is Moderating

Donald Trump complained that the Fox moderator "doesn't treat me fairly."

Donald Trump is still deciding whether or not he'll show up to the Republican debate on Thursday because it's being moderated by Megyn Kelly.

Trump and Kelly clashed during the Fox News debate in August and the billionaire has accused her of unfair treatment ever since. Kelly is one of the moderators again Thursday night.

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"I mean, I don't like her," he told CNN on Monday. "She doesn't treat me fairly. I’m not a big fan of hers at all. I don't care... I might be the best thing that ever happened to her. I don't know, because who ever even heard of her before the last debate?"

On Tuesday, he appeared to soften the threat, telling Good Morning America "you could probably make [the] assumption" that he'll turn up, adding: "But I'm thinking about it."

Last week, Fox News thanked Trump for guaranteeing them a ratings bonanza after he tweeted:

A Fox News spokesperson responded: "Megyn Kelly has no conflict of interest. Donald Trump is just trying to build up the audience for Thursday's debate, for which we thank him."

But following his comments on CNN Monday, they released a new statement.

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"Sooner or later Donald Trump, even if he's president, is going to have to learn that he doesn't get to pick the journalists," it said. "We're very surprised he's willing to show that much fear about being questioned by Megyn Kelly."

The debate, which is co-hosted by Google, is the last one before the Iowa caucuses on February 1. It will begin at 9 p.m. ET, broadcasting from Iowa.

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