99-Year-Old Woman Wakes to Find Exotic Animal on Her Chest

A 99-year-old woman freaks out when she awakes to find exotic animal on her chest. The animal freaked out, too.

That is one freaky-looking alarm clock.

A 99-year-old Miami woman woke up to find a kinkajou on her chest.

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The exotic animal, part of the raccoon family, had escaped from his owner's home and made its way into the elderly woman's house.

It wasn't clear who was the most freaked out - the groggy woman or the startled kinkajou.

"I guess she thought maybe it was a cat, but once they got a look at each other - classic - both of them screamed and both of them ran," said Dr. Don Harris of the South Dade Animal Hospital, where the exotic animal resided after the hair-raising encounter.

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"The lady ran to get help, to call her daughter and the kinkajou ran up to the attic," Harris told WEVN-TV.

The animals are usually found in Central and South America. The kinkajou's owner was scheduled to pick it up at the animal hospital.

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