Good Samaritan Helps Rescue a Pregnant Cow That Got Stuck in a Pond

The pregnant cow could have drowned if the man had rushed to pull her free.

A Good Samaritan saved a three-year-old pregnant cow from drowning after finding her stuck in a pond.

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The man was driving past a farm in Hudson, Florida when he spotted the cow. He alerted police and when officers arrived on the scene, they helped pull her to safety.

Authorities used a large strap to hoist the cow out.

At first, they thought they would have to put her down, but they were able to stabilize the animal as they pulled her free.

According to Pasco Sheriff’s Office: “They were actually able to then get the cow onto a trailer and returned to the barn.”

The entire event was caught on tape by News Channel 8.

The cow is expected to give birth in a week and is recovering fine. According to the sheriff’s office, the owner of the cow was very appreciative of their help.

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Cpl. Scott Kenner told News Channel 8: "That’s why we do what we do is because animals don’t have that ability to call and say, ‘Hey, can you come help me … I’m in distress.'"

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