World's Greatest Dad Builds Daughter The Fairy Treehouse of Her Dreams

A video game developer in Washington State spent 18 months creating a bedroom fit for a Disney princess for his young daughter.

A video games developer in Washington State may be one of America's greatest dads after he spent a year and a half building his daughter a fantasy bedroom fit for a Disney princess.

Rob Adams' daughter Lia, 6, told her dad she wanted a treehouse inside her Bellevue home which she could sit in and climb and read books inside.

Eighteen months and $4,250 later, Lia's bedroom is the fairy forest her dreams are made of.

Adams posted before and after photos of his impressive project on Reddit, which have since made the rounds on social media as parents across the country wonder how they, too, can build a bedroom dream world.

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"My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and also have a top sitting area," Adams wrote. "I used Disney set-design as my inspiration."

While Adams admits he was "unprepared for the physical realities of the project," he said he learned a lot and his hard work and hard lessons paid off.

"It turned out pretty well," said the modest dad. "She's so happy in her new room!"

Adams said Lia's friends are equally impressed with his handiwork, which includes windows and branches that light up, realistic ferns and even lifelike leaves handing from the branches.

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"She has her own reading light inside the tree." wrote Adams. "My wife suggested the sitting area in the middle. This feature made the whole project more daunting, but in the end, I was glad she thought of it."

After the arduous months he spent on the tree house, during which he told the New York Post he'd even shed the ocassional tear, you'd think Adams would have put away his toolbox in order to stick to building sets in the virtual realm.

But you'd be wrong.

"How much of my soul would it take to make one of these again?" he joked. "I have to do the kitchen, and my son wants a pirate-ship treehouse outside — so that’s my next project."

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