Police Are Training Eagles to Take Down Drones in the Air

Dutch police have trained eagles to take down the remote controlled drones, which could be useful in emergency situations.

Dutch National Police are making what's old new again with a fleet of birds trained to take down drones.

Like a modern spin on the ancient sport of falconry, the agency has trained eagles to take down the devices in certain situations, such as when a drone poses a danger to a manned aircraft.

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The Dutch have teamed up with a raptor training company called Guard From Above to make the program a reality.

A video demonstration of the sharp-eyed birds in action makes it clear they are up for the task, however it wasn't clear how dangerous it could be for the raptors to come into contact with the spinning propellers.

According to Spectrum, the video--which is in Dutch--addresses this issue by saying the trainers are looking into giving the birds added protection against the props.

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The program is still in the testing phase and it remains unclear whether the birds would ever become a feasible means of taking down problem drones.

Dutch police said a decision will likely be made about the program in a few months.

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