Rescued Dog is So Traumatized She Just Looks at the Wall

Only a visit from an old friend perked the pup up.

A dog was so traumatized when she was brought to a shelter in Ireland that she did nothing but look at the wall for days.

Heartbreaking footage shared by PAWS Animal Rescue last July shows the greyhound, who'd been saved from a kill shelter, cowering in a corner and looking straight at the wall.

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"She did that for at least three days," Gina Hetherington, the rescue center's founder, told INSIDE EDITION. "She was so traumatized."

It was only when shelter staff took in another dog from the same area that the pup, named Cara, perked up.

"He was so like her that we assumed he was her brother," Hetherington said.

After love and care from the shelter and her new owner, Cara is now unrecognizable. A video posted recently shows the happy pup howling with another hound.

"Shy?" the video reads. "Not anymore!"

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"We thought there was going to be psychological problems with her," Hetherington said. "But she has recovered completely."

For more information on PAWS and their work, visit their website here.

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