Driver Who Pulled Gun on Bikers Says He Felt Threatened: 'I Was Surrounded'

A driver who was filmed pulling out his weapon tells INSIDE EDITION his side of the story.

The driver of a pick-up truck who pulled a gun on a biker says he felt threatened after being surrounded by the motorcyclist and his friends on wheels.

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Driver Ricky Thornton spoke to INSIDE EDITION about what he was thinking during the incident at an intersection outside Las Vegas.

“I don't know if that man has a gun on his hip or not and I’m not taking any chances,” he said.

In footage posted on YouTube by the biker, some of the group can be seen doing stunts.

“They were on both sides of my vehicle, and behind me, and I didn't really feel comfortable with it,” Thornton said.

Thornton told IE he was reminded of the videotaped 2013 confrontation in New York City, when a fearful driver and his family were surrounded by bikers on the West Side Highway.

The scared driver hit the gas to get away and was later beaten by some of the bikers.

Thornton's showdown with the biker happened at a red light when a  man with the camera knocked on the window on the passenger door.

Thornton said the knock startled him. “I pulled out my gun and put it up. I've been trained to use it. I have a concealed handgun license. I have seen too many horror stories about stuff like this going on," he said.

He said he didn’t overreact because “half the motorcyclists here in Vegas are wearing guns on their hip.”

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Both men filed police reports against each other, and cops are now investigating the incident. 

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