Wild Leopard Breaks Into High School, Mauls 6 During Chaotic Standoff

Chaos ensued as forestry workers tried to corral a wild leopard that broke into high school.

A leopard loped into a high school and mauled six people as it tried to escape a team of forestry workers tracking it through the campus.

Chaos and panic ensued as the big cat lunged at men trying to round up the wild animal Sunday at the school in India, which was closed for the weekend, the BBC reported.

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News crews and and a crowd of onlookers encircled the campus while police and forestry workers chased and ran from the leopard for nearly 10 hours.


Authorities were first alerted when security cameras showed the cat wandering the inside halls of the school in Bangalore.

Gruesome video shows people screaming as the leopard attacks several men trying to herd it out of the school.

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Finally, the animal was brought down by a several rounds from tranquilizer guns.


Those injured, including a TV camera person, were treated for minor wounds.

The animal was taken to a wildlife refuge.

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