Charlie Sheen is Back to Work

Charlie Sheen is back to work after his meltdown at the Plaza Hotel, on the same day a video spoof about him surfaces starring the very woman he was with that night in New York. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Christina Walsh, the porn star at the center of the Charlie Sheen Plaza hotel drama is actually starring in a spoof as an escort, hired by Charlie Sheen!

The short film, which has just surfaced, was made last July in a hotel suite in Las Vegas—four months before the actor's freak-out at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

It's called The Celebrity Killer Vol. III: Charlie Sheen. Here's how it begins:

Walsh, using her adult film alias, Capri Anderson, strides into a hotel room where the Charlie Sheen look-a-like is stretched out on a bed. She undresses and, well we can't detail for you what happens next. But in one bizarre scene, Walsh plays the family game Connect Four with the Charlie Sheen look-a-like.

The film's director says Walsh agreed to appear in the film because she, "wanted to get away from the adult entertainment business."

The film surfaced just as Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from wife Brooke Mueller.  The couple signed a 43-page agreement in which Mueller gets a $1.8 million lump sum payment, plus $55,000 a month in child support. She also gets physical custody of the couple's twin boys.

The divorce settlement was actually worked out back in May, but Sheen waited until today to file the documents as he returns to work on his hit sitcom.

Photographers caught up with Sheen as he was driven to work Tuesday in a black Mercedes. He looked relaxed, smoking a cigarette and giving a friendly wave.

Charlie Sheen's first day back on the set of Two and a Half Men was today at Warner Brothers studios since that embarrassing meltdown at the Plaza Hotel in New York. But it's not all business as usual. Sheen's father, actor Martin Sheen is reportedly insisting that the producers hire a minder for Charlie to be with him 24/7 to keep him away from alcohol and drugs.

Robert Downey Jr., himself a recovering addict, spoke out in support of the star on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Letterman asked, "Do you know Charlie Sheen? You guys are contemporaries aren't you?"

Downey Jr. said, "The only advice I would give him is, don't get arrested."