Black Lives Matter Activist Kills Himself on Steps of Ohio State House: 'My Demons Won'

A Black Lives Matter activist has taken his life on the steps of the Ohio state house, after leaving the message: 'My demons won today.'

After posting a heartbreaking message on his Facebook page, a Black Lives Matter activist shot himself to death on the steps of the Ohio state capitol.

MarShawn M. McCarrel II, 23, was pronounced dead on the steps of the Columbus state house by officers called to the scene Monday evening after a shot rang out, said Lt. Craig Cvetan of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

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"My demons won today. I'm sorry," he wrote that afternoon on his social media page.

He also posted dark comments to his Twitter site.


No one saw the young man kill himself, Cvetan said, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

McCarrel worked as a mentor to young people and led a group that dispensed food to the homeless.

He founded Pursuing Our Dreams and the homeless charity Feed the Streets.

"We don't have any evidence to know the reason why he did it," Cvetan said, the paper reported.

His griefstricken family said Tuesday that McCarrel put others' needs before his own. The emotional drain of his work took a greater toll than they realized, they said.

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He likely did not realize the good he accomplished in demonstrating against the shootings of an unarmed black men and the charity work he perfomed in Ohio, they said.

"He impacted so many people, touched so many lives," mother, Leatha Wellington, told the paper.

"He was just so creative," said his twin, MarQuan McCarrel. "He just wanted to serve people."

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