Widow Takes Turkey on Flight For Emotional Support: 'She's Been There For Me'

Jodie Smalley took her turkey, Easter, with her as she spread her husband's ashes in San Francisco.

A Seattle woman who was flying to San Francisco to spread her husband's ashes took her 25-pound pet turkey on the flight for emotional support.

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Jodie Smalley, 34, says her turkey, Easter, has been there for her since her husband passed away from cancer three months ago.

She had a custom diaper made for Easter for their flight, and she has all the necessary documents that certify the turkey is a legitimate emotional support animal.

“Hearing about a turkey on a plane sounds ridiculous,” she said. “But people have no idea what I’ve been through.”

She said the presence of her turkey, which she has had since Easter was a chick, truly helps.

“She’s been there for me,” Jodie said.

Fellow travelers were tickled by their feathered fellow passenger and whipped out their cellphones to take pictures.

Easter didn’t make a sound during the two-hour flight and exited the plane like a veteran traveler.

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Jodie spread her husband's ashes at San Francisco’s Japanese Tea Garden.

"It’s been a tough day today," she said, hugging Easter.

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