Randy and Evi Quaid Get Unlikely Support

The Quaids are getting support from David Carradine's wife.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Now Randy Quaid and his wife are getting support from the widow of David Carradine, one of the actors they claim was murdered by the mysterious group, "The Hollywood Star Whackers."  

"I would love to hear why the Quaids feel the way they do," said Marina Anderson.  

Anderson says she doubts the police ruling that Carradine accidentally hung himself in a Thailand hotel last year.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asks, "Do you think that Randy and Evi Quaid sound crazy?"

"I don't think they sound crazy. I think they sound concerned and maybe a little paranoid. But in this business, you have weird people out there," Anderson said.

Now a noted Harvard professor, Dr. Harold Bursztajn believes the Quaids are suffering from a rare psychotic disorder called "Folie a deux syndrome."

The syndrome is characterized by delusional beliefs shared between two people who are closely related, like husband and wife.

In an interview with Good Morning America the Quaids insisted they're not crazy. And at least they have support from Carradine's widow.

"It sounds nutty, it sounds conspiratorial. But maybe he does have a point. Maybe there is something we don't know," she said.