Did Fame Come Too Soon for Demi Lovato?

Has Demi Lovato joined the growing list of young stars who fall victim to the pressures of fame at a young age? INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Demi Lovato is the lastest to be burned by the harsh light of fame, dropping out of the Jonas Brothers concert tour over emotional and physical issues.

Lovato's mother and stepfather ignored questions about the troubled star as they hurried into their Los Angeles home.

This 2008 photo may tell the tale. Lovato is smiling on the red carpet, but look at the scars on her wrist. Possible evidence that she had apparently been cutting herself!

A longtime associate of Lovato's is quoted as saying, "She has been acting out with unexpected explosions of rage ov er the past few months," and has become so "paranoid, she trusts virtually no one." (source: Chicago Sun-Times)

A far cry from the innocent child who sang with Barney the dinosaur.

But it's also hard to believe that little Britney Spears from the Mickey Mouse Club would one day shave her head and erupt in rage at photographers.

Or that Disney child star Lindsay Lohan would go from mugging it for the cameras to posing for mug shots.

Or that Miley Cyrus would go from wholesome Hannah Montana to scantily-clad sex bomb!

Small wonder they've been dubbed "Disney's naughty girls." And now, Demi Lovato joins this troubled group.