'Tater Tot' Preemie Who Weighed Less Than a Soda Can Leaves Hospital

One of the smallest babies ever born has finally left the hospital.

One of the smallest babies ever born finally went home from the hospital this week. 

Tiny E’Layah Faith Pegues weighed less than a soda can when she was born prematurely in September - nearly three months early -- at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

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"I'm nervous," mom Megan Smith said. "I've got anxiety, but this moment is here and I'm excited."

It was a tough pregnancy for Smith, who suffered two strokes, morning sickness and high blood pressure.

At one point, her doctor determined the baby was not growing and she was placed on bedrest for nearly a month.

Then physicians said Smith needed an emergency C-section.

For months, the tiny baby struggled to survive. Doctors had to come up with creative ways to feed her because traditional methods didn't work because she was so small.

At birth, she weighed just 10 ounces.

Hospital doctors called her "tater tot." She was hailed as one of the tiniest babies ever to survive, according to CBS News.

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She now weighs five pounds, seven ounces and has outgrown most of her clothes.

Doctors say she still faces health problems, but is getting stronger.

"I want to know who she is. She is feisty," said Smith. "I'm ready to see what's in store."

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