Woman Takes 70-Pound Pot-Bellied Pig on Plane For Support: 'He's Quieter Than Most Kids'

Who says pigs can't fly?

Megan Peabody was headed on a quick getaway vacation – and took her trusted pot-bellied pig along for the ride.

The 28-year-old was flying to Miami with her pig, named “Hamlet.”

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The ticket agents at American Airlines were surprised when they looked over her documentation, which certified Hamlet as an emotional support animal.

Peabody once battled anorexia, and she said Hamlet is important to her recovery.

Kids love Hamlet, and fellow passengers couldn't quite believe they were flying with a pig.

“Hi, Hamlet,” said a TSA agent.

Going through security was a bit of a hassle. Hamlet’s metal leash set off alarms.

Once past security, Peabody carried the 70-pound pig up the stairway and onto the plane.

Hamlet knew just what to do. After all, he's a veteran traveler - this was his seventh flight!
Take off was a bit turbulent, so Peabody clutched on to her comfort animal.

“I’m a little bit of a nervous flyer,” Peabody told INSIDE EDITION.

Throughout the two-hour flight, Hamlet made himself comfortable and didn’t budge.

“Petting animals helps you relax. It lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress,” said Peabody.

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When Peabody used the lavatory, Hamelt was left alone, content to munch on Cheerios. Turns out, he's quite a considerate passenger, even if he's a pig.

“He's a very clean pig. He's quieter than most kids,” said Peabody.  

So what do the other passengers think of flying with a pig on board?  The lady who found herself seated next to Hamlet had no complaints.

“He's a great flyer,” said Peabody.

When the plane landed, Hamlet scurried down the aisle to the exit, anxious to start his Miami vacation.
Who says pigs can't fly?

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