They Crossed the Line! Pope Francis Gets Angry with Crowd in Mexico For Making Him Fall

In a rare sight, Pope Francis lost his cool with a crowd after they caused him to fall.

In a rare sight of public agitation, Pope Francis lost his composure as he greeted a crowd of worshippers in Morella, Mexico.

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When a devotee grabbed him by his cassock and wouldn’t let go, it caused the Pontiff to fall into a wheelchair-bound man.

The Pope sternly told the man in Spanish "don't be selfish."

Pope Francis recovered and kissed the man on the head following the incident. He waved to people in the open-air gathering for a few more minutes after the incident before leaving.

The Pope has been in Mexico since Friday and is wrapping up his trip on Wednesday. It is his second trip to North America since becoming the head of the Catholic Church in 2013. He visited Cuba and the United States in September

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During his trip to Mexico, he openly blasted the members of Mexico’s illicit drug trade and cartel leaders. He also called on the next generation to do better, saying: “you are the wealth of Mexico.”

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