Dr. Phil Weighs In On Charlie Sheen's Behavior

INSIDE EDITION gets Dr. Phil's take on what Charlie Sheen should do now before things spiral out of control for the TV star.

Dr. Phil McGraw is weighing in on the Charlie Sheen meltdown and he says the situation seems to be very serious.

"We're talking about a life-threatening disorder here. If a fraction of what we're seeing in the media is true then it would suggest that this individual is losing control," said Dr. Phil.

Right now, Sheen is back at work and has a 'sober coach' with him at all times, even on the set of Two and a Half Men.

Dr. Phil says, "They are the person that says you are not going there. You are not going to that party. I'm going to make sure you're up in the morning. I'm going to watch what you eat. I'm going to watch what you swallow. I'm going to watch what you drink."

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, Dr. Phil, "How serious must the situation be for someone to take on a sober coach."

"The history here suggests there is some serious lapses going on here," said Dr. Phil.

Just last month, Sheen was vacationing in the South American nation of Belize where a photo, just published in Life and Style magazine, was taken where he looks pretty wasted.

Then came his freakout at the Plaza hotel in New York, where he was found with escort Christina Walsh.

McInereny asked Dr. Phil, "What is your best advice for Charlie Sheen?"

"I think he needs to be in a non-Hollywood, non-spa, rehab program.  My sense of this individual is that he's a good man with a serious problem," said Dr. Phil.