INSIDE EDITION Finds Real Life Vampire Boys

Due to a rare disorder, two boys might appear to be real life vampires, but thanks to the popularity of the Twilight movies, they're now enjoying a new found sense of "cool." INSIDE EDITION has the story.

They're real life vampire boys, with sharp fangs and pale, ghostly skin.

And get this, their last name is Cullen, just like the vampire family in the Twilight movies.

14-year-old Simon Cullen and his 12-year-old brother George have a rare genetic condition called Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia.

It means the boys can't sweat and have to avoid direct sunlight, which makes them overheat and blisters their skin just like a vampire in daylight.

Their condition also affects their teeth, they can't grow a full set and their teeth are pointy, like vampire fangs.

Their hair stands on end, just like in Twilight.

The Cullen boys say they've been teased relentlessly at their school in England. But since the Twilight movies became huge hits, they say they've gone from being dorks to being super cool!