Teen With Cancer Weds His High School Sweetheart in Community-Sponsored Ceremony

A teenager with terminal cancer walked down the aisle to wed his high school sweetheart in ceremony sponsored by their town.

Two teenagers got married in Pennsylvania and no one, not even their parents, tried to talk them out of it.

Luke Blanock wed his high school sweetheart, Natalie Britvich, in a weekend ceremony attended by about 200 people, many of whom had donated their time and services to make the wedding a reality.

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The 18-year-olds were in a bit of a hurry.

Luke, who has been battling cancer since 2013, learned in December that it had spread and was now terminal. He had trouble walking and talking. He was tired all the time.

But it didn't stop him from proposing, and on Jan. 6, Luke and Natalie became engaged. Then it was a mad dash to plan their wedding.

The Newlyweds Dancing at Their Wedding

That's when the town of Canonsburg came in. People donated food for the recption. The hall where they got hitched on Friday was free of charge. As were the services of the videographer, the photographer and the wedding planner.

"It was really beautiful. It was a lot of fun," bridesmaid Maddie Shemansky told INSIDE EDITION. The wedding party, all friends from high school, were the only people with dry eyes during the ceremony, she said.

"We were very happy for them and just making jokes," Shemansky said. "That's what they wanted."

The couple is now in Florida on their honeymoon.

They began dating in 2014, but Natalie had her eye on Luke long before that.

"She always had a crush on Luke, all throughout middle school," Shemansky said. When the two hooked up, Natalie knew Luke had cancer.

"When they finally got together, she was like 'There's no way I'm not doing this!''' her friend recalled, laughing.

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Luke underwent a few rounds of chemo before the wedding, and his condition improved, Shemansky said. He walked down the aisle under his own steam. He said he felt really good.

"In December," she said, "he couldn't really talk without getting short of breath."

Luke Underwent Rounds of Chemo Before The Wedding

Groomsman Tyler Dille had never been to a wedding before, he told IE.

"It was fantastic," he said. Especially since "it was put together in like five weeks."

No one has said anything about how much time Luke may have left, Dille said. And his friends haven't asked.

Dille said he's not sure where the newlyweds will live. "I don't think they've even figured that out yet. They're just going with the flow."

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