Billionaire Allen Stanford Beaten Up in Prison

Billionaire Allen Stanford, accused of $7 billion in financial investment fraud, was attacked by cellmates in a Texas prison. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Hard to believe that this battered, bloodied prisoner was once a dapper billionaire.

Allen Stanford, the disgraced Texas tycoon accused of Bernie Madoff-style financial fraud, looked like this after he was attacked by his cellmates at a prison outside Houston.

One eye is swollen shut. His face is covered in blood. His head is bandaged and he wears a neck brace. He was seen flinching in pain as nurses check his injuries.

Stanford's hands and ankles are still cuffed and shackled as he is taken to the prison infirmary on a gurney.

It's a long way from his days as an investment giant, when he hobnobbed with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and posed with the gorgeous wives of top sports stars.

60-year-old Stanford is now awaiting trial, accused of a $7 billion investment fraud. He reportedly upset his cellmates by monopolizing the phone.

The incident happened a year ago but the photos have only now been released.

You'll recall that Bernie Madoff, now serving 150 years in a federal prison, was also beaten senseless behind bars.