Theories Pour In After Mysterious High-Pitched Sound Baffles Oregon Town

Residents of Forest Grove are on edge.

There is a mystery that has everyone in the picturesque town of Forest Grove, Oregon, baffled – a horrible and intense sound is coming from out of nowhere.

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For the last two weeks, residents have been on edge because they don't known what the ear-splitting noise is or where it’s coming from.

Police Captain Mike Herb said he has received email theories from all over the world, adding: “We're taking it seriously and just don't know what it is.”

But it turns out; it is just the latest incident in a world-wide phenomenon of unexplained sounds that have scientists scratching their heads.

A spooky sound terrified a town in British Columbia in 2015, a mysterious sound was heard in Finland in 2012 and a piercing high-pitched sound was recorded in Michigan in 2013.

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As for the strange sound in Oregon, acoustic engineer Tobin Cooley analyzed it for INSIDE EDITION.

He said it sounds like compressed gas but still isn’t sure what exactly is causing it or where exactly it is coming from.

“I don't think anyone knows what it is yet and that makes it more frightening.”

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