Competition Heats Up on Dancing with the Stars

INSIDE EDITION is backstage with the stars as the competition narrows down to five contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

Bristol Palin like you've never seen her before.

She turned on the sexy doing an Argentine Tango on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol showed a lot of leg and at one point her partner put his hand on her thigh! And she did it all in front of her father, First Dude Todd and kid sisters, Willow and Piper.

"You have to be a bad girl all the way thru," said Judge Bruno Tonioli.
"I had to just be a bad girl and I tried my hardest. I'm not a bad girl so it's hard for me but it was fun," Bristol told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

During her sexy samba, Bristol shook her body and wiggled her hips. At the end of the dance her partner Mark Ballas patted her on the butt.

Sarah Palin wasn't in the audience but she did watch her daughter rehearse. Just listen as Bristol braced her mom for what was to come.

"The beginning is kind of scandalous," she says.

"Really? Is it like lap dancing scandalous?" Sarah asks.

And as INSIDE EDITION first reported, Bristol did not vote in last week's elections. She admits she got some major flak from her mom for not mailing in her absentee ballot.

"Of course I regret not voting. I've got a million things on my plate and I didn't send in my absentee ballot on time," she said.

Meantime, Bristol got some tough competition from Jennifer Grey, who got a perfect score for her rumba.

And Brandy impressed the judges as well with a waltz so elegant she became emotional and almost started to cry at the end.

"It's genuine. It is something I felt. I'm sorry, did it look crazy?" the singer joked.