The Tea Party Factor on Dancing

Bristol Palin hangs on for another round of Dancing with the Stars as the competition narrows, leaving some to ask if there's a Tea Party factor coming into play with the votes. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Was Bristol Palin making a direct appeal to Tea Party voters with a bright blue t-shirt? She wore it during rehearsals for last night's Dancing with the Stars and it says: "Party like its 1773" –the year of the historic Boston Tea Party.  

Bristol's t-shirt is adding fuel to the theory that her mother's political supporters are keeping her alive on Dancing week after week, despite her low scores. The Tea Party just won big in the midterm elections. Now are they conspiring to get Bristol the mirror ball trophy?

"Sarah Palin's popularity definitely helps her daughter because it motivates people who like her to call in to support Bristol." said Beth Frerking of Politico.

"I know there are lots of people that hate my mom, but there are lots that love her so it could go either way," Bristol said.

INSIDE EDITION also caught up with Judge Bruno Tonioli, who dismissed the idea of a right wing conspiracy.

"I think its beyond politics. I mean, this is an entertainment show and she's a nice girl and people like her," he said.

Whatever has gotten Bristol to the top five, there's no doubt that she's this season's Cinderella story.