15-Year-Old Nebraska Girl Who Had 14 Heart Attacks Gets New Heart

Mallory Mueller, 15, had 14 heart attacks this year.

Mallory Mueller has been in and out of hospitals throughout her young life. At 22 months she had her first heart transplant and is hopeful this heart will give her life back.

A 15-year-old Nebraska girl, who had 14 heart attacks, is getting a new heart and will soon be ready to get back to her busy schedule as a member of her high school's dance team and color guard. Mallory Mueller has been in and out of hospitals throughout her young life. At 22 months, she had her first heart transplant.

But that was just the beginning. Health issues arose this year, but it wasn't clear what was happening. At first, they thought it was seizures but, after several episodes, doctors determined that Mallory was having heart attacks.

“She had 14 heart attacks,” Mallory’s mom, Wendy Mueller, told KETV-TV. "They’re called widowmaker heart attacks.” 

Three weeks after her first heart attack on Mother's Day, Mallory learned that she would have to get another heart transplant and would have to go to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
“I went through state dance, school, dance team tryouts, all that with a closing artery,” Mallory said.

Despite her health condition, staying positive and hopeful keeps this brave young girl going.

“Always remember the light that’s always gonna come to you,” she said.  

Having their daughter undergo a major procedure during a global pandemic has been a challenge, Wendy said. Only one parent can visit at a time and no siblings are allowed. 

“That’s really difficult,” Wendy said.

Referring to her husband and Mallory’s dad, Wendy said: “He and I would meet in the parking lot, talk about what went on, and then switch spots." 

When the family got the news that Mallory would be granted a donor's heart, it was a magical moment.

According to Mallory and her family, they use humor to get them through these trying times. 

“Find the humor in the everyday things,” Wendy said. “Yes, it’s scary. It’s really scary, but if you can find humor in it, laugh about it, that’s what gets me through it.”