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Marine Returns Home Early From the Field to Propose to His Girlfriend

Julia McCulla said she was in a "crummy mood" when she thought her boyfriend was not coming home - when he suddenly turned up with a very special surprise.

A woman who was disappointed to hear her Marine Corps. boyfriend would not be home as early as she thought was stunned when he surprised her at a restaurant - and dropped to one knee.

Julia McCulla, 22, told that she was "in a crummy mood" when she found out her boyfriend, 23-year-old Johnathan Onesi, would be getting home late from the field.

But it was all part of Onesi's plan.

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McCulla's mom took her out for an early Valentine's dinner in a bid to cheer her up, and that's when Onesi walked in with a bunch of flowers and a very special surprise.

As a video by Shuttergram Portraits shows, McCulla spots a box in her boyfriend's hand and bursts in to tears.

Eventually, he drops to one knee - and McCulla shouts: "Yes!"

The bride-to-be, who lives in San Diego, California, said the proposal was "a total surprise" but she had her suspicions something was up when her mom took her and her brother out to dinner.

"She sat me down with my back to the door," she said. "My brother started acting kind of weird... Johnathan came up behind me and I saw flowers and I knew."

She added: "I barely remember him asking because all I can hear in my head is myself sobbing."

The couple, who met on Tinder, was together for about six months before Onesi, a radio specialist, was deployed to Japan, Thailand and Malaysia for several months.

"We worked through it," McCulla told "I always say if we can get through deployment with no hiccups then I'm 100 percent that this is the guy that I want to marry."

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The couple has now been together a year and eight months.

"We’re getting ready for another deployment in May," she said.

The couple, who celebrated their engagement by going to see Deadpool at the theater afterwards, plans to marry in April 2017.

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