Girl, 8, Asks to Clean Up Trash For Her Make-A-Wish Day

A little girl named Amelia who is battling brain cancer wanted a "take care of the world" day for her Make-A-Wish.

While most Make-A-Wish kids want trips to Disney World or to be princesses for a day, a little girl in Missouri asked the charity to help her pick up trash. 

Eight-year-old Amelia is battling brain cancer and was given the chance to do anything she wanted by the children's charity.

The budding environmentalist underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in November and recently completed radiation treatments.

Amelia Meyer wanted to clean up trash for her Make-A-Wish day

She became a Make-A-Wish recipient late last month and requested a day to "take care of the world."

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Amelia's interest in the cause began soon after she had her first brain surgery in November. Her grandmother came to visit, and to help with recovery, she and Amelia would take daily walks in the park. 

"The walks with my mom really opened her eyes to how much trash there is." Amelia's mom, Jill Meyer, told "Whenever they went on their walks, Amelia would make it a point to pick up trash. It really bothered her."

Even when Make-A-Wish came to help Amelia decided what she wanted, Jill Meyer said she was not surprised that Amelia had chosen something so selfless.

"She has always been incredibly caring," Jill Meyer said, and added that Amelia would prefer enjoying the outdoors than any material thing.

To help Amelia's wish come true, almost a hundred community members gathered in Kansas City, Missouri to help gather trash from areas across the city.

“We’re so touched by what you all have done for our little girl,” Amelia's mom, Jill Meyer, told volunteers. “It brings her such a smile.”

Amelia was joined by hundreds of volunteers. 

Among the volunteers was Kansas City Mayor Sly James, who thanked Amelia for her "selfless dream" and "for being such a really neat kid," the Kansas City Star reported.

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The mayor even proclaimed Feb. 27, 2016 to be "Amelia Meyer’s Take Care Of The World Day."

Even Kansas City's mayor showed up to Amelia's "take care of the world" day

Pat Duncan, Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Missouri Kansas City Development Board called Amelia's unusual wish "humbling."

"Amelia’s resilience and selfless wish to take care of the world for a day is truly humbling,” Duncan said. “To see the community rally around Amelia makes me proud of this city and this great organization.”

Jill Meyer told that they know Amelia's wish has made a difference among the community because even days later, people that were involved with the event continue to pick up trash, and post their updates on social media.

"It's really the wish that keeps happening." Jill Meyer said to

To show your support for "Amelia Meyer's Take Care of the World Day", Jill Meyer encourages people to take care of the community and upload pictures onto social media with the hashtag #AmeliasWish, where Amelia will personally see each post.  

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