Homeless Man Hands Out Resume and Gets a Job

After two years of lobbying, a homeless man finally gets a job.

A homeless man who has been handing out his resume for two years has finally landed a job.

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Frederick Callison camped outside a Smart & Final store in Sacramento day and night with a sleeping bag and a stack of resumes. He distributed those and showed off a food handler’s certificate, his ID and his Social Security card to prove his seriousness about finding a position.

He arrived from Washington state hoping to become a cook for the Salvation Army, but that didn't happen. He was allowed to live outside the Smart & Final store because he helped collect shopping carts.

Customer Michael Marteen recently spoke to the 52-year-old and posted his resume on Facebook.


A job offer came from the Pizza Rocks restaurant.

"My thought immediately was shock, and then immediately respect for him," Marteen told IE. "I wanted to be able to do something but to be honest I didn't think I could do much at all. But I tried the best that I could, which to me felt very simple.”

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Marteen said Callison has been having a hard time getting to work.

“I'm in touch with Volunteers of America and hopefully they will take over with helping him keep a job. I expected some bumps. But we'll figure it out… I’m going to go get him a bus pass and Volunteers helps with housing and job training,” he said.

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