A Look Inside Sarah Palin's Marriage

A look inside the marriage of Sarah and Todd Palin reveals some behind-the-scenes insight into the headline-making couple. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"He's my everything." That's what Sarah Palin says of her husband of 22 years, first dude, Todd.

We're getting new insight inside the Palin's marriage in the new issue of People magazine out Friday.

While Sarah Palin is the public face of the family, the couple says Todd is the power behind the scenes. "Every scheduling decision goes through him." Todd is also in charge of day-to-day life at home from "prepping baby food" to "attending school basketball games."

And when Sarah appears as a contributor on Fox News from their home in Wasilla, the guy operting the camera is Todd himself.

The Palins say some of their toughest days were fighting off rumors that their marriage was in trouble. "It seemed like the lies would never let up," Palin tells People magazine.

The couple now laughs off one tabloid report that claimed they reached a $20 million divorce settlement.

"Twenty million? Write me a check.," Todd jokes.

America will soon get a glimpse at life in the Palin home in the new reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, premiering Sunday on TLC. In one clip, 16-year-old Willow tries to sneak a boy upstairs while mom is working on the computer.

And for the third week in a row, Bristol pulled a huge upset and survived yet another elimination on Dancing with the Stars, despite having the lowest score. Instead, football great Kurt Warner was sent packing.

Many are crediting the Tea party movement for saving Bristol week after week.

"We're thankful to all out voters don't care if they are Tea partiers or Democrats," said Bristol.

Now, Bristol is waltzing her way to the semi finals, much to the delight of her mom and dad!