SNL's 'Racists for Trump' Spoof Lampoons Candidate's Questionable Supporters

Saturday Night Live took aim at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and some of his followers.

Saturday Night Live returned last night and took aim at some of Donald Trump's followers with a campaign ad spoof called "Racists for Trump."

Set in a picturesque suburban world, the ad begins like many others: a woman heaps praise on the candidate while she does housework, a housepainter gushes about a candidate who tells it like it is, and a man tending the flames of his fireplace commends the billionaire for his steadfast views.

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Then, one by one, the Trump devotees are exposed: the woman is actually ironing a KKK hood, the painter has scrawled "White Power" on a barn, and the fireplace guy is busy burning books.

All of them have one thing in common: they're racists for Trump.

It's a funny take on what has become a worrying pattern for many Americans who say Donald Trump has amassed a racist following with his hardline stances on the Mexican border and on Muslim immigrants.

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Critics also point to Trump's recent refusal, albeit a temporary one, to denounce white supremacist leader David Duke--who endorsed Trump--and the KKK during a recent interview with CNN.

Trump later blamed a faulty earpiece through which he presumably misheard the question. He later disavowed Duke's endorsement.

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