TV Reporter Is Nearly Mowed Down By Colliding Cars Live On Air

A TV journalist broadcasting live is nearly run down by two cars that crash and barrel toward him.

A  television reporter doing a live shot narrowly avoided becoming a news victim himself when two cars crashed and careened straight toward him.

KTVU journalist Alex Savidge was covering a train derailment in Northern California when his live broadcast was interrupted by two cars colliding and swerving into the parking lot where he was standing.

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Cameraman Chip Vaughan yelled "Get out of the way!" an instant before the vehicles barreled through and hit a video camera.

Savidge can be seen jumping out of the way as one of the cars plowed into a light pole.

"It happened in a split second. I'm just thankful he jumped the right way," Vaughan said of his colleague, the station reported.

Close call for @AlexSavidgeKTVU @VaughanChip this am. Everyone is ok. Thanks for all your kind thoughts❤️

— KTVU (@KTVU) March 8, 2016 

There were no injuries.

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Savidge, however, was shaken up and teared up as he spoke on air to station anchors in the studio.

"I am grateful to be OK, that's all I can say," the reporter said, and hugged Vaughan on air.

The accident was caused by a driver who failed to yield to a vehicle that had the right of way, Geneva Bosques of the Fremont Police Department told The driver allegedly at fault, a woman who appeared to be disoriented, had her license suspended and must take a new driving test before it can be reinstated, Bosques said. 

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