Passengers Finally Disembark Crippled Carnival Splendor Ship

The cruise ship that lost power and was stranded off the coast of Mexico for several days was finally towed into the harbor in San Diego. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Dry land at last! That's the feeling as relieved passengers who were aboard the crippled cruise ship Carnival Splendor tell their stories for the first time.

"I heard this like huge shudder like an earthquake, that's what it felt like and then the next thing you know I started smelling smoke," said one passenger.

"It was chaotic, very chaotic. The lines for food were two and a half hours long," said another.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret was dockside as the Carnival Splendor finally arrived in San Diego.

After days at sea on the cruise from hell with no food and no power, the passengers were back in port but they had to wait hours more to disembark.

One passenger was brought off the ship on a gurney.

Moret spoke to a pair of newlyweds who spent their honeymoon on the ship. The bride came off the ship in good spirits, and she was even wearing her veil.

"I figured that if we had the catastrophe at the beginning, then we'd have good luck the rest of our marriage," she explained.

"Not having flushing toilets for the first 14 hours, that was a pretty bad ordeal. The stench was a little overwhelming," added her husband.

Another newlywed couple told INSIDE EDITION they mainly were fed bread, lettuce and cheese sandwiches during the trip.

Meanwhile, loved ones on shore screamed with joy as the ship neared the dock.

And there was a humorous moment when one passenger hung a makeshift sign over her balcony saying, "Next stop The Daily Show."

The glum-looking CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines faced the cameras at a news conference.

"The conditions on the ship have been challenging and we are very, very sorry for the discomfort and inconvenience that our guests have had to deal with for the past several days," said Gerry Cahill.

At least one passenger saw the bright side of the ill-fated voyage: "This is our first time [on a cruise]; it can't be any worse than this."