Man Writes 4-Star Review of Stay In Jail Cell: 'I'd Definitely Come Back'

Christian Willoughby posted a TripAdvisor-style review of the Grimsby Custody Suite in England.

He’s a man who appreciates the simple things in life.

A British man made the best of a sticky situation after apparently landing behind bars, writing a glowing review of the modest room where he was forced to spend a night - and his account quickly went viral.

Christian Willoughby posted a TripAdvisor-style review of the Grimsby Custody Suite in England after getting arrested for what he described as a “misdemeanor” in a March 9 Facebook post.

“I've given this place 4 stars,” Willoughby wrote Wednesday, posting six photos of his cell.

He shared photos of the sparse cell, including images of his bed, toilet and a selfie with his jail cell door in the background.

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“Room was nice, the minimalistic idea was a nice touch. It was secure and safe... Quadruple glazing and security door. Ideal place for winding down after a hard day. I'd definitely come back,” he wrote.

The food left something to be desired, however, as Willoughby wrote: “It's the all day breakfast that lets it down really.

“Apart from that the staff are pleasant enough. Had my own on-suite room and butler... Who would come with tea and newspapers.”

His post has been shared more than 5,500  times on Facebook.



He’s not the first with a sense of humor to be locked up at the North East Lincolnshire police station.

Others have posted reviews on the station’s Facebook page.

"Breakfast not to(sic) bad as it free coffee not to(sic) bad on the plus side chambermaids are fit," one commenter cracked.

It was unclear why Willoughby’s cellphone wasn’t confiscated when he was detained.

“Took a phone into the cell bud … Without them knowing,” he wrote in a separate post.

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Willoughby claimed it was “dead easy” to smuggle in, writing: "just stuck it in my boxers under my b**** ha ha."

Police are investigating the matter, telling the Daily Mail they are treating the incident as a security breach.

“The force are aware of pictures apparently of the Grimsby Custody Suite on social media,” Chief Inspector James Glansfield told the Daily Mail.

“We take any such breach of security and detainee safety extremely seriously and will be carrying out a review of our detainee management to identify any lessons learned and prevent further reoccurrences in the future.”  

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